Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Pets

Pet Dental

Your pet’s oral care and overall health are intertwined. Dental problems can reduce the quality of your pet’s general health. That’s why it’s essential to care for your pet’s oral health. At Glen Eagles Pet Hospital, we offer comprehensive pet dental services for pet owners in Edmond and the surrounding communities. Let’s look at why dental hygiene is so important for your pet.

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

Your pet counts on you to keep him in good health. That includes oral care. By scheduling annual dental exams and cleanings with your veterinarian, you do your part to protect your pet from developing dental issues that can impair his overall health.

Our dental pet diagnostics includes taking x-rays to evaluate the health of your pet’s teeth and gums under the gum line where bacteria can breed. If we detect problems with decay, infections, or gum disease, we will offer options for treatment. Our pet hygiene services include scaling your pet’s teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria that can cause irreparable tooth and gum damage and lead to periodontal disease. We will then polish your pet’s teeth to leave them smooth and shiny.

Through quality dental care, your veterinarian can keep potential dental problems like tooth breakage, abscesses, bleeding gums, loose teeth, and periodontal disease at bay. When pets have healthy teeth, they can eat heartily to maintain their strength and energy. Good oral health will spare your pet unnecessary pain and suffering caused by dental issues.

Home Dental Care

In addition to professional dental cleanings, we recommend you practice good pet hygiene habits at home by brushing your pet’s teeth daily to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. You can also purchase pet toys and treats to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. As a word of caution, please be sure to never give human toothpaste to your pet since some of the ingredients may pose a risk to your furry friend.

Contact Our Veterinarian for Pet Dental Diagnostics and Cleanings

Good dental hygiene is the secret to maintaining your pet’s teeth. To learn more about our dental exams and cleanings for your pet, contact Glen Eagles Pet Hospital in Edmond to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mollet. Call our team today at (405) 463-0600 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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