Pet Allergies FAQ

At Glen Eagles Pet Hospital in Edmond, we can diagnose and treat allergies in cats, dogs, and other animal companions. Our veterinarian hears great questions about pet allergies, including what causes them and how to recognize them. Read on to learn more.

Pet Allergies FAQ

What Are The Most Common Pet Allergies?

An allergy is an excessive reaction from the immune system to a substance called an allergen that doesn't normally cause problems in healthy pets. The cause isn't always known and any animal breed can be affected. Common triggers or causes of pet allergies include:

  • Parasites and their waste, including dust mites and fleas
  • Pollen and grass
  • Household chemicals, like floor cleaners
  • Certain medications
  • Certain foods, such as eggs, dairy, and wheat products

What Are Signs of Pet Allergies?

An animal experiencing an allergy may exhibit the following signs:

  • Waxy and sometimes foul-smelling discharge in the ears
  • Frequent licking, biting, and scratching of different areas of the body, including the paws, muzzle, or nose
  • Areas of skin that appear patchy, crusty, scaly, red, swollen, or irritated
  • Unusual patchy hair loss

Pets experiencing food allergies may get better temporarily when given medication to treat skin problems but will develop signs and symptoms again as soon as the medication is stopped.

Like humans, animals can also experience severe allergic reactions, or anaphylaxis, which may present with warning signs such as hives or wheals, facial swelling, excess salivation, and trouble breathing. Severe allergic reactions in pets are life-threatening so call your local emergency veterinarian right away if your animal begins to exhibit any of these signs.

How Can I Help My Pet With Allergies?

There are several ways to help your pet with allergies. The most important thing to do is to bring your animal in for a comprehensive pet wellness exam with an experienced veterinarian. Using a physical exam, blood tests, and other techniques, our staff can diagnose your pet's allergy and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

We can also make recommendations on dietary modifications, medication changes, and supplements that will support your pet's healing. If your pet has an allergy, you should also take steps to reduce your pet's exposure to the allergen and support their overall well-being.

Get Effective Allergy Relief for Pets in Edmond, OK

If you're concerned about your pet's health or have questions about pet allergies, contact Glen Eagles Pet Hospital to schedule an appointment with an experienced veterinarian. Call our team today at (405) 463-0600.


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