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Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging involves using sound waves to create an image on a computer monitor. When our team passes the wand over an injured area of your pet, we are able to find otherwise hidden problems, like when your pet accidentally eats something that isn’t food, has a tumor or has problems with an internal organ, like the stomach, spleen, liver and pancreas. Ultrasound imaging is completely painless and does not have any side-effects.

Pet Radiology

At Glen Eagles Pet Hospital & Urgent Care Clinic in Edmond, OK, we provide a variety of services, such as emergency care, wellness exams, flea and tick treatment, microchipping, dental care, and radiology. Radiology is a vital tool that allows us to diagnose illnesses and injuries in pets that cannot be seen externally. To learn more about pet radiology, we invite you to keep reading! 

What Is Radiology?

Radiology utilizes various imaging technology to detect and diagnose abnormalities in the body. The imaging can come from several sources including:

  • Radiograph: A radiograph is commonly known as an x-ray. It simply requires posing for a photo, which can display items like broken bones and foreign objects
  • Ultrasound: An ultrasound utilizes a transducer, which is moved over specific parts of the body and shows the soft tissues and organs
  • MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging shows very detailed images of organs, specifically the brain and spinal cord

What Can Radiology Help Diagnose?

Radiology is vital in helping our veterinarian evaluate your pet’s health. Radiology can help detect some of the following:

  • fractures and breaks in bones
  • heart and lung disease 
  • organ inflammation 
  • kidney stones
  • twisting of the stomach, which is common in larger dogs
  • arthritis
  • tumors
  • respiratory disease 
  • pregnancy

Is Radiology Safe for My Pet?

Yes, radiology is safe and will not cause your pet pain. It's non-invasive and delivers only a very low dose of radiation. Our vet may not suggest any type of radiological test, unless it is necessary. Some animals may find the procedure stressful. In that case, our vet may suggest a sedative to help keep your pet calm.

Contact us for an Appointment Today!

 At Glen Eagles Pet Hospital & Urgent Care Clinic in Edmond, OK, we offer radiology test to detect injuries and conditions. To learn more about our radiology services or to schedule your appointment, call us at (405) 463-0600 today.

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